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Visas and Migration

Visas and Migration  

Welcome to the Australian Immigration Office at the Australian High Commission, Pretoria. We are an overseas office of the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP).

Important News

Current delays in processing of some student visa applications

Biometrics collection for visa applicants to start in South Africa from 8 June 2016

Important information for persons applying for visitor visas to travel during the Christmas holiday period

Are you applying for your visitor visa online? Please note that it is essential that you upload your supporting documents onto ImmiAccount when lodging your application.

Fraud alert – we are aware of scam emails being sent giving false instructions about how to pay fees to Teleperformance in South Africa. Please click here for more information.

It is now possible to do medical examinations prior to lodging your visa application (if you know that your visa requires a medical examination). You will need to obtain a \'HAP ID\' number prior to making an appointment with the panel doctor. Click here for more information.

All couriered applications must now be sent to the Teleperformance Visa Application Centre in Johannesburg

Ebola virus - impact on visa processing in Ebola-affected countries

Polio vaccination certificates now required for certain visa applicants in Africa

Visa Scams - Don't get caught out!

Country Coverage

The Immigration Office at the Australian High Commission, Pretoria provides visa, immigration and citizenship services to residents of South Africa and other countries in Southern and Western Africa. Through our visa application service delivery partners you are able to lodge an Australian visa at a number of different locations throughout Southern and Western Africa.

To see who is responsible for processing visa, immigration and citizenship services from your country of usual residence see: Country coverage - Africa 

How to apply for a visa to Australia 

All people who are not Australian citizens need a visa to travel to Australia. For information on how to lodge your visa application, what documents you need to provide and how to pay the visa application charge, please see:

How do I lodge my visa application?

What visa can I apply for?

The Visa Finder tool on the Department of Immigration and Border Protection website can help you select a visa that meets your requirements.

See: Visit Australia if you would like to visit Australia for tourism or for business meetings 
See: Work in Australia if you would like to work in Australia
See: Skill Select  if you would like to migrate as a skilled migrant
See: Study in Australia if you would like to study in Australia
See: Family Migration if you would like to bring your family or partner to Australia.

How long will it take to process my visa application?

If you lodge your visa application at the last minute, you may be disappointed if you are not granted your visa in time for your planned date of travel. Please lodge your visa application with plenty of time before you intend to travel.

For information about processing times, please see: Visa Processing Times.

I need to travel to Australia urgently. How do I get a visa quickly?

If you need to travel to Australia within a short timeframe for compelling or compassionate reasons, please contact the Australian Immigration Office responsible for processing your visa application. In some cases we may able to expedite your visa application.

Please note that simply applying late for your visa will not be considered compelling or compassionate in most cases.

See: Contact us

What else should I know before lodging my visa application?

All visa applicants must read the following Important Information before lodging their visa application.

If you have any other questions, please see our: FAQs

How can I contact the Australian High Commission about my visa application?

See: Contact us