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Health Requirements

Health Requirements

Some visa applications require that you undertake a medical examination and/or chest xray. You can find more information about the health requirement here:

Health Requirements

Undertaking the medical before lodging a visa application

The medical examination can take some time to be finalised, so you may wish to undertake your medical examination prior to lodging your visa application in order to minimise any processing delays and to ensure your visa application is finalised as soon as possible.

If you wish to undergo your medical examination before lodging your visa application, you will need to complete the My Health Declaration (MHD) form on the Home Affairs website, to receive your HAP Identification Number, before you make an appointment with one of Department’s approved panel physicians: My Health Declarations
Panel physicians

All medicals and chest xrays must be done at a panel physician appointed by the Department of Home Affairs.

You can find a list of panel physicians by country here: Panel Physicians - By Country