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Changes to Lodgement for Other Family (OF) visas

From 1 July 2018, applications for the following visas must be lodged at the Perth Child and Other Family Processing Centre:

  • Aged Dependent Relative (Subclass 114)
  • Remaining Relative (Subclass 115)
  • Carer (Subclass 116)

This brings the lodgement arrangements in line with onshore Other Family (subclasses 838, 835 and 836) visa applications.

Application and sponsorship forms for these visas are available on the Home Affairs website. Payment of the visa application charge can be made online through the ImmiAccount portal. However, online lodgement is not currently available for these visas. Completed forms must be sent to the processing office in Perth:

Child and Other Family Processing Centre
Department of Home Affairs
Locked Bag 7
Northbridge WA 6865

The changes do not affect Other Family visa applications lodged before 1 July 2018. Paper visa applications received by an office of the Department, a Service Delivery Partner, an overseas embassy or High Commission will be accepted if received by close of business (COB) on 30 June 2018, however payment of the first instalment of the visa applciation charge will not be accepted if receipt of funds by the Department of Home Affairs is not possible prior to 1 July 2018. 

Applications received after 1 July 2018 time (for example, mailed to an office other than Child and Family Processing Centre before that date but received after) will not be valid. If you are applying in Australia, you will become unlawful if the visa you hold expires and your paper application is invalid.