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Standard Processing Times

How long will it take to process my visa application?

The time taken to process an individual visa application depends on a number of factors, including the type of visa application, whether or not the visa application is lodged with all required documents, peak processing periods (like holiday periods) and the individual circumstances of the case.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection publishes Visa Processing Time Service Standards.

The Australian High Commission in Pretoria is committed to meeting or exceeding these published service standards, however it is important that you note the following matters:

  • The service standards are indicative only. Individual cases may take longer or shorter times to process depending on the individual circumstances of the case.
  • The service standard only applies to complete applications. If you lodge your application without some of the required documentation, your application may experience significant delays and you may not be able to travel on your intended date of travel.
  • A complete visa application may include a medical examination. Medical examinations can cause significant delays, particularly for visitor visa applications. For more information on circumstances requiring a medical examination, see: Health Requirements
  • The processing time starts when the visa application is received by the Australian High Commission in Pretoria. This may be a number of days after the visa application is lodged at your local Teleperformance office or sent by courier. You can track your visa application with your courier company or with Teleperformance if you lodged your application at an Australian Visa Application Centre.
  • If you need to travel to Australia within a short timeframe for compassionate and compelling reasons, please contact us to discuss your visa application. In some instances, we may be able to expedite your visa application.

Processing Times


Visitors, Temporary Residence and Returning Residents
 Visa  Global Processing Standard

  Visitors (Subclass 600)

 1 month

 Business Visitors (Subclass 600)

 1 month
 Transit  1 month
 Medical treatment  1 month

 Temporary Work - Short Stay Activity

 (Subclass 400)

 1 month

 Other Sponsored Temporary Residents

 3 months
 Resident Return Visa  2 weeks

 New Zealand Citizen

 Family Relationship

 3 months
 Visa  Global Processing Standard

 Student  (Subclass 500)

 1 month
Permanent Residence
 Visa  Global Processing Standard
Partner Migration (Subclasses 300, 309 &100)  12 months (300 & 309) and 8 months (100)
Child Migration(Subclasses 101, 102,  445  and 117)  14 months
Other Family Migration (Subclasses 114, 115 and 116)

 Capped and queued.


 Visa  Global Processing Standard

 Citizenship by Descent*

  1 month

* Where a Citizenship by Descent application requires DNA testing, processing times may vary significantly.